13 Fishing Flash Bang Jig

The Flash Bang provides anglers an edge over traditional rattle spoons on the market with a integrated rattle chamber and glow stick. The brass rattle chamber emits high-pitch frequencies, attracting gamefish from a distance. The chamber is integrated into the spoons body, preventing it from breaking off. The integrated glow stick will attract fish for hours without the need of recharging. Available in a variety of premium UV, holographic, and glow finishes equipped with premium black nickel hooks, the Flashbang is the weapon of choice anywhere there is water. 

  • Integrated Glow Stick Cavity 
  • Glow Stick Delivers up to 8 Hours of Glow 
  • Glow Stick Colors Included (Red, Green, and Blue)
  • High-Pitch Brass Rattle Chamber
  • Ultra-Compact for High Descent Rate
  • 3/8oz. with Premium Black Nickel Hook

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