13 Fishing Prototype TX Spinning Reel

The all new 13 Fishing Prototype TX is light, castable, and durable; built with the features that gulf coast anglers need. Saltwater anglers love catching big fish on small tackle. The Prototype TX answers the call with the high line capacity for long drag pulls and screaming runs. These reels boast superior 12 pin Japanese Anti-Reverse and a high max drag to pull fish from the line cutting dangers that break hearts. A rigid Airfoil Carbon frame is protected by our proprietary N.E.R.D. repellent coating. The brute force of this reel stems from 4D Forged gearing and high-spin, corrosion resistant bearings. This reel will give any species nightmares.

  • Old School Metal Body Covers
  • Panic Bait Alarm
  • Centrifuge Airfoil Carbon Rotor Design
  • Turbine One Piece Screw-in Handle
  • 4D Forged Drive Gear
  • N.E.R.D. Nanotechnology Water and Debris Repellent Coating
  • Concept Zero Bearing Technology
  • Corrosion Resistant High Spin Bearings
  • FREAK Drag System
  • Airfoil Carbon Body

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