Bass Mafia Boss Bag

Expanding Bass Mafia’s line of innovative angling storage solutions, the Bass Mafia Boss Bag delivers a dependable means for organizing a wide range of baits. Whether you’re looking to tidy up loose jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or hooks, the Bass Mafia Boss Bag features a built-in elastic harness that keeps 25 clear plastic bait holders neatly in place.

Encased in a collapsible, waterproof container, the Bass Mafia Boss Bags are easier to fit inside of boat compartments and less rigid than traditional plastic stowaways. Complete with an ID tag holder for easy identification, the Bass Mafia Boss Bags provide an innovative and functional means for storing a wide range of lures.

Length: 5.5"

Width: 11.5"

Height: 5.5"

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