Bass Mafia Coastal Money Bag

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The EXACT same bag as our industry-leading Money Bag, but with a little saltwater love for our coastal brethren. Once you own one of these, your concept of tackle storage will never be the same.

Every now and then a company designs a product that is so incredibly practical, so ridiculously versatile, so insanely durable, that is almost never affordable. Well, add affordable to that description and you have what Bass Mafia refers to as the Money Bag. We think you’ll agree that this product is money in the bank! The Money Bag has a 2.5-gallon capacity and is double sealed by an interior zip lock style enclosure that is topped off by a neoprene waterproof zipper. It is constructed of a space age material that is 12 times stronger than PVC, completely unaffected by temperature, and as pliable as a cotton t-shirt.

Length: 16"

Width: .1"

Height: 13"

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