Daiwa Tactical Traveler Reel Case

The Traveler Reel Case is rigged with shoulder straps ideal for transporting fishing reels on multi-day trips. The case can also be used at home, in the garage or on the boat for more long term storage. Nine Polycarbonate Honeycomb Dividers provide ridgid protection for your prized reels. Strong and sturdy Duckfoot Velcro make adjustments steadfast. Unique Nut Hut compartment keeps reel seat hardware in one place. Several Outside Compartments add additional storage space. Breathable Mesh Strap makes for cooler, more comfortable use, especially in warmer climes. Handsome backpack is constructed from rugged Tactical Fabric with Camo Design. 

  • Backpack-style reel case 
  • Built for the needs of the traveling angler on both coasts
  • Can also be used at home, in the garage or on the boat
  • Nine Polycarbonate Honeycomb Dividers
  • Duckfoot Velcro 
  • Nut Hut
  • Outside Compartments
  • Breathable mesh strap
  • Tactical Fabric with Camo Design

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