Googan Squad Bait Coffin 2.0

Bass Mafia is back better than ever with our all-new redesigned Coffin 2.0 series. A reinforced ClearView lid and durable stainless steel hinges make these utility boxes as rugged as you’d expect. The heavy-duty injection molded bases now include anti-skid silicone rubber feet that interlock with the new lids allowing boxes to stack perfectly. The enhanced single-latch design secures the lid tightly and the one-piece solid waterproof gasket keeps water out and tackle dry. Take care of your tackle and it will take care of you. Available in 3700, 3600, and 1800 sizes.

  • Re-Designed ClearView lid 
  • Enhanced single-latch 
  • One-piece solid waterproof gasket
  • Interlocking lids and bases
  • Reinforced stainless steel hinges with 180° opening rotation
  • Heavy-duty injection molded base
  • Pre-populated with Dividers
  • Anti-skid silicone rubber feet
  • Available in 3700, 3600, and 1800 sizes


The Bass Mafia Googan Coffin 2.0 has been remastered for the commited tournament angler. The ClearView Lid allows for easy bait selection while in the time-ticking moments, in addition to the single latch being integrated into the tackle system allowing one hand to open and close. Hardware all consists of stainless steel and an extremely tough waterproof gasket. Rubber feet were added to guarantee none skid while stacked, on the boat deck, or in the tackle locker. Stay organized and protected during the tournament hustle, Bass Mafia has got your back.

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