Denali N3 Series Casting Rods

For today's die-hard bass anglers, setting the status quo just won't cut it; and it's just not how we operate here at Denali Rods. Instead, anglers today demand manufactures to push the envelope of performance in all directions, from innovative presentations, to boat and electronics design, as well as lure manufacturing. When we sat down to design the all-new N3 Series, our goal was to push those same limits and create the most sensitive, feature-rich, and refined high-end fishing rod on the planet. Mission accomplished. From the feather-light and sensitive proprietary Interloc blanks, to the all-new polymer grips that reduce fatigue, weight, and offer unmatched pass-through sensitivity, the N3 Series offers discriminating anglers a level of rod performance unmatched by any other rod on the market. We know that the anglers are looking for the best rods on the planet have high standards - and the N3 is up to the task.


  • All-new Interloc Blank Technology
  • Ultra-lightweight Ergonomic Reel Seat
  • Ring-lock Semi-micro guides
  • High-strength Woven Silver-graphite
  • Split Polymer Grips
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

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