Lews Custom Lite SS Casting Reel

Equipping finesse anglers with ultimate baitcasting distance and control, Lew's is pleased to introduce the Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel. Built for baitcast enthusiasts who rely on finesse crankbaits, small topwaters and lightweight soft plastics to get the job done, the Custom Lite is built with a premium QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system and Lew's innovative free spool rotation design to deliver an exceptionally long and accurate cast with finesse-sized baits.

  • ULTIMATE CASTING DISTANCE: Cast the lightest baits farther with accuracy and ease. Effortlessly adjust Lew's QuietCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Braking system with an external dial for ultimate cast control. The ultra shallow 30mm spool design requires less inertia to spin when casting light weights, helping you put finesse baits exactly where you want them in any condition
  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: Experience unmatched quality with aluminum alloy Speed Gears® with the P2 Super Pinion®, C45 Carbon Side Plates and 11 Stainless Steel Double Shielded ball bearings. Lew's legendary performance at the lightest weight. The innovative Speed Knot™ allows for quick line tying and hides the knot at the base of the spool for smooth line delivery
  • BUILT FOR FINESSE APPLICATIONS: The Custom Lite Shallow Spool is specifically crafted to effortlessly place small crankbaits, finesse swimbaits and light soft plastics with ease. Maintain the power and control of a baitcasting reel with smaller baits to attract the fish that won't eat a heavy, bulky bait. Perfect for drop-shotting over deep ledges, ned rigging across rocky flats and accurately casting the lightest poppers and wacky rigs around shallow vegetation
  • ROCK SOLID RELIABILITY: Anglers who hit the water with the Custom Lite Shallow Spool Baitcast Reel fish with the confidence that their gear is backed by a warranty and supported by the dedicated Customer Service team at Lew's
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: Feel the slightest vibration of micro crankbaits and detect the softest bites from finicky fish with Lew's super light Tanso Tech™ one-piece frame and duralumin spool. A featherweight frame that is an absolute must for finesse performance

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