Lews Mach 1 Casting Reel

With a premium 8-bearing system, double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing, the Second Generation of the MACH® 1 is built for exceptionally smooth casting and retrieval, effortless handling and ultimate dependability. A lightweight one-piece graphite frame and sideplates makes the MACH 1 the choice for all-day fishing. The innovative MSB (Multi-Setting Brake) system features both an externally adjustable magnetic cast control and internally adjustable centrifugal brakes for superior cast control. Combat Grips and a smooth rulon drag system keep the angler in control of the fight.

  • HEAVY DUTY REEL CONSTRUCTION: MACH® anglers demand a reel that is built for the abuse of big fish and tough fishing. The 8-bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings ensure this reel is up to the task
  • EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE ON THE WATER: The MACH® 1's Zero Reverse® one-way clutch bearing is the core of a design for more powerful hooksets and consistent, dependable retrieval. Catch more fish with MACH 1
  • REMARKABLE CASTING: Lew’s MSB (Multi-Setting Brake) system allows for exceptional castability in a multitude of conditions, effortlessly managed with external, easy-to-reach controls on the sideplate and an internal centrifugal braking system, built for quick modifications for changing wind conditions and bait sizes. Make effortless adjustments and longer, more accurate casts
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Lightweight graphite sideplates, a machine-forged double anodized aluminum U-shaped spool, and high strength solid brass Speed Gears that are precision cut on Hamai CNC machines for exceptional gear life and ultimate dependability on the water. The MACH® 1 is designed for anglers who spend their time fishing, not worried about their gear. Also featuring a zirconia line guide and rulon drag system
  • PREMIUM COMFORT: Nothing is worse than a day on the water with equipment that causes discomfort. The MACH® 1 Baitcast Reel’s 95mm bowed anodized aluminum handle is quilted with Lew’s Combat Grip, making those long hours easier for the angler. The thumb bar also features a combat grip for ultimate control and comfort
  • ROCK SOLID RELIABILITY: Anglers who hit the water with the MACH® 1 Baitcast Reel will fish with the confidence that their reel is backed by a warranty and supported by the dedicated Customer Service team at Lew’s

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