Lews Mach Crush Casting Reel

The MACH® Crush Baitcast Reel is designed with beauty and quality in mind. The 2nd Generation of this Super Low Profile reel boasts an eye catching one-piece graphite frame with a 10-bearing system to ensure that it performs to the highest standard, and looks great in doing so.

  • HEAVY-DUTY REEL CONSTRUCTION: While the MACH® Crush Gen 2 Baitcast Reel has an eye-catching appearance, it’s a monster when it comes to durability. With a one-piece graphite frame and 95mm bowed anodized aluminum handle, it is built to win every fight from tough conditions to big fish.
  • ON THE WATER PERFORMANCE: Obstacles will arise, whether moisture, harsh conditions or the fish of a lifetime. With the MACH® Crush Gen 2 Baitcast reel featuring high strength solid brass Speed Gears and Speed Lube, face them head on knowing that your equipment will perform up to your high standards. Effortless and smooth retrieval, extended gear life, and rugged frame durability are the hallmarks of the Crush.
  • QUALITY CRAFTMANSHIP: MACH® reels are crafted to be top of the line, even down to the smallest details. Built with a carbon fiber drag system and zirconia line guide, anglers can rest easy knowing that every component of the reel is made if the highest quality materials.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT: Make it through the day with the comfort of MACH® Crush. This reel features Winn® Dri-Tac knobs on the handle so that it’s just a little easier out on the water.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE CASTING: The Crush's Multi-Setting Brake System utilizes external magnetic and internal centrifugal braking systems for quick adjustments on the go and effortless casting. Make fast tweaks to respond to changing wind conditions and lure weight, and get back to fishing
  • ROCK SOLID RELIABILITY: Anglers who hit the water with the MACH® Crush Gen 2 Baitcast Reel will fish with the confidence that their reel is backed by a warranty and supported by the dedicated Customer Service team at Lew’s

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