Strike King Hack Attack Pad Perch Topwater

Bassmaster Classic® regular Greg Hackney isn't afraid of heavy cover. His Strike King® Hack Attack Pad Perch is the perfect example. This hollow-bodied bait is specifically designed to get into and out of the gnarly places where big bass live. Instead of a popping face, Hackney gave his Pad Perch a pointed nose to help it slip right through the thick stuff without hanging up. Meanwhile, its uniquely shaped fish-tail skirt waves and undulates with wild abandon, calling bass in for the attack. This invincible topwater bait is built around a super-strong double hook that always rides upright; in order to get those bass away from their lair, Hack recommends that you fish the Pad Perch on braided line, and tie direct.

  • Strike King Soft Baits
  • Hollow-bodied topwater bait
  • Designed for fishing in heavy cover
  • Pointed nose prevents hangups
  • Lively, uniquely shaped fish-tail skirt
  • Super-strong double hook
  • Best fished on braid

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