Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Finesse Worm

The Strike King® KVD Perfect Plastic Finesse Worm is the softest, saltiest plastic ever produced, and even better, features Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent technology. Coffee adds to the appeal, as it masks human scent and oils. Together with the extra salt, it convinces fish to bite and hold on longer, increasing your chance of a solid hookup. Yet, even with the added salt, the KVD Perfect Plastic Finesse Worm remains soft, pliable, and fishable! Extremely versatile, the KVD Perfect Plastic Finesse Worm is deadly on a shaky head, dances enticingly on a drop shot rig, and is Kevin VanDam's go-to for split-shotting and mojo rigging.

  • Coffee Scent infusion technology plus heavy salt
  • Masks human scent and oils
  • Always soft, pliable, fishable, and deadly
  • Ideal on a shaky head, drop shot rig , or split shot setup
  • 5" = 15 Pack, 6.5" = 12 Pack

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