Strike King Pro Model 6XD Silent Crankbait

A large deep diving crankbait with a unique curved bill that allows it to dive deeper and faster than most other deep diving crankbaits, the Strike King Pro Model 6XD Silent Crankbaits offer a whole new presentation for deeper fish.   The same as the original - absent the rattles. It’s perfect for those times when bass are spooky, and a subtle presentation can make all the difference.

One of Kevin Van Dam’s go-to lures for catching bass in deep water, KVD used the Strike King 6XD Silent Stalker Crankbait en route to his 2010 victory at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake.  Back at previous Elite Series event at Lake Guntersville, he noticed when bass started getting spooky or reluctant to bite the standard Series 6XD that he could get them fired up and start catching them again using the Strike King Silent Stalker 6XD.  KVD used the Silent 6XD from the beginning until the end and caught most of his biggest bass on it - to take home the win. 

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