Strike King S11 Optics Clinch Sunglasses

Since 1984, Strike King® has been a leader in polarized sunglasses for fishermen. That tradition continues forward with many new models and new lens technology. Polarization in fishermen’s sunglasses is a must and a benefit for most all other uses and all Strike King® models are 100% polarized. They block 100% of harmful ultraviolet light, reduce eye strain, remove glare from the water for safer boating and enable the angler to see down into the water to locate underwater habitat, see the action of his lure and even see fish. The Strike King®’s sunglass lines each offer popular design characteristics that meet your needs in both comfort and functionality and offer a great value for your money. Take a look for yourself!

  • SG-S1140: Matte Black/Silver Mirror
  • SG-S11401: Matte Black/Green Mirror
  • SG-S11402: Matte Black/Blue Mirror
  • SG-S11403: Crystal Concrete/Blue Mirror

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