T-H Marine Hydrowave Ice Mini

Package Contents:
HydroWave Ice Mini
Waterproof Speaker w/ 8ft cord
User Guide 
Warranty Card

Passive Sound
Frenzy Sound 
Shock Resistant
Amplification System 
90 Days Limited Warranty
Lateral & Vertical Reaction Technology

An evolution in fishing technology specifically designed for ice fishing. Underwater
feeding sounds combined with Lateral and Vibration Reaction Technology 
(LRT & VRT) will trigger a feeding response in all game fish. Increase your catch, under the ice.

The HydroWave is an electronic fishing device created to emit the sounds of a
predatory fish engaged in feeding. Our product acts as an underwater
manipulative, like bait; however, it communicates to the fish’s primary sensory
system, the lateral line, which allows fish and amphibians to perceive and localize
movements in their vicinity. It is involved in important behaviors sush as prey
detection, predator avoidance, or swimming in schools. The HydroWave is built on
this science; however, our focus is prey detection. When the HydroWave is turned
on, it sends out reverberations to a bigger fish’s lateral line, creating a reality for
them that there are smaller fish around and fellow fish are feeding on them. The
bigger fish’s natural competitive instict drives him to want to feed as well.
This is how HydroWave Ignites a Feeding Frenzy and gives fishermen a
considerable advantage in catching a greater number of fish.

Preloaded with two of HydroWave’s most productive sounds - Passive and
Frenzy, the HydroWave Ice Mini is powered only by a 9-Volt battery (not included), and lasts up
to 6-8 hours on a single charge. Since it is shock and water-resistant just like the original,
you can control the volume, and play or pause sounds easily and conveniently from the
head. The speaker is also attached by an 8ft cable for maximum reach. Delivering a whole
new level of versatility, make the most of your fishing time with the new, portable
HydroWaveIce Mini Electronic Feeding Stimulator.

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